These are some of the issues the Portelli Campaign will address:

  • Progressive tax and budget policies, especially the need to restore revenue sharing with local governments and school districts.
  • The inequitable state school funding formula and the underfunding of state aid to public schools (at a 65 year low as a proportion of the state budget)
  • Retaining, not rebating 100% of the Stock Transfer Tax ($12 to $16 billion a year in revenue in recent years)
  • Fossil fuel divestment from the state pension fund. Our present Comptroller has relied on ineffective shareholder resolutions.
  • The relation of corporate welfare and the tax structure to increasing income inequality (including record Wall Street bonuses)
  • A much over-due discussion on the role of the Comptroller, right now the sole trustee of the pension fund and the need for a board of system stakeholders to transparently advise and contribute to the management the fund
  • A state bank (similar to North Dakota’s) to finance public projects and economic development (including a clean energy transition) at lower cost than private lending because the state, not Wall Street, receives the interest.
  • Setting up a system of social and environmental accounting and auditing for the natural, human, and social capital of the state
  • The continuing crisis of housing affordability, foreclosures, and mortgage fraud and exposing the economic waste of $7 billion a year in corporate tax breaks and subs

Criminal Justice Reform Proposals

Note: These proposals were submitted by the Portelli Campaign for consideration and inclusion in a unified Green Party candidate platform, and may be subject to revision.

  • End Mass Incarceration – It is unacceptable to incarcerate huge segments of our population and harm individuals, families and communities particularly communities of color.
  • Normalize institutional experience so violence is not the norm
    • Include families in treatment
    • Provide healthy nutrition and recreational options
    • Pay inmates a minimum wage for work programs
    • Immediate implementation of the PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)
    • Reduce Correctional Officers, hire Family Liaisons through system starting with arrest
  • End prohibition of drugs. Treat drug abuse as a public health issue not a criminal justice issue. Look at the Portugal model of reform
    • Legalize and regulate drugs starting with marijuana
    • Full Repeal of Rockefeller Drug Laws.
    • Petition for reform Schedule of Drugs which is baseless but still the basis for court prosecution.
    • Drug treatment on demand with health coverage.
  • Amnesty for all past non-violent drug offenders and prohibit collateral consequences of a criminal conviction
  • Full restoration of voting rights for people in jail, prison and on court supervision.
  • Raise the Age to age for adult criminal prosecution from 16 to 21 with possibility of up to age 24 based on adolescent brain development data.
  • YO treatment for all Juvenile Offenders. YO status means the youth’s record will be sealed and should not be disclosed in job or other applications. Should be mandatory and cannot be used by prosecutors in plea bargains.
  • End prosecutorial and frivolous over-charging. Limit the number charges to the most serious.
  • Bail Reform – Implement release without monetary bail conditions except for violent felonies.
  • Stop electing District Attorneys because their prosecution and incarceration rates become their platforms
  • Full review andreformofNYS Penal Code(s)
    • Raise monetary threshold for theft felonies from $250 to $1000 or more
  • Increase Good Time/Jail Time from 1 day to 1 ½ days for every day in detention/jail awaiting court action
  • Expand early release so it is an available program based on program completion
  • Expand and enforce compassionate and geriatric release.
  • Eliminate parole which is punitive and non-effective
  • Eliminate mandatory minimums and educate judges on the detrimental impact of incarceration on families and communities
  • Remove fiscal incentive to overcharge – state covers felony sentences
  • Dismantle Riker’s Island. Remove all juveniles less than 21 to smaller settings or alternative programs.
Theresa Reilly Portelli, Green Candidate for NYS Comptroller 8/31/2014

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